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Casa de Mateus

2 April 2012  Casa de Mateus best represents the flamboyance of Baroque architecture in Portugal .  It was not known for two centuries until it was depicted on the label of Sogrape's Mateus Ros é . The construction started in early 18th century and completed in 1743, probably by Niccolo Nasoni , who also built the Cathedral and Clerigos Tower in Porto.  The owner was Jose Botelho Mourao .  Its descendants are living in the house.  Parts of it and the garden are open to the public to admire the exquisite and symmetry of the architecture.  A pool was added in 1930, reflects the main facade and the two harmonious wings.  In it lies a half naked drown woman by Joao Cutilerio . Visiting the garden alone cost 6 Euro.  A joint ticket including the house will have 9 Euro out of your pocket.  The tour starts with the Entrance Hall, a symetric wooden hall with antique furniture, clock and paintings on the wall.  The visit also includes the Four Se