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San Maurizio al Monastero

It was years ago that we visited the Convent of San Mauizio .  As I am writing some short articles of Milan that I have recently been to, I do not wish to miss out this beautiful monastery.  And the most impressive paintings to me are those of Noah's Ark, from animals lining up to get in the ark to the heavy rain on the ark and it on the water flooding the world. The monastery has a nick name as the Sistine Chapel of Milan.  If you step inside the church you will understand why.  The church is full of magnificent frescoes, painted by the best artists of the Lombard School in the 16th century, including Bernardino Luini (a student of Leonardo di Vinci) and his sons, Paolo Lomazzo, Ottavio Semino, Callisto Piazza and Simone Peterzano  (the master of Caravaggio ). Now, let's have a look of the gorgeous frescoes.  First, the renowned 'Adorazione dei Magi' (Adoration of the Magi) by Antonio Campi above the main altar. The bump of a horse is presented. The pai

Hangar Bicocca

Dec 2017 Courtesy of Hangar Bicocca Lately is an exhibition of Lucio Fontana held at Hangar Bicocca .  Lucio Fontana (Rosario, Argentina 1899 - Varese Italy 1968 )  is a pioneer of installation art.  He dedicated his time to investigate concepts of space, light, the void and the cosmos.  His works transformed the two-dimensionality of painting, sculpture with new perspectives and movements. Courtesy of Hangar Bicocca Now (21 Sep 17 - 25 Feb 18) Hangar Bicocca presents the reconstruction of Fonana's Ambienti spaziali (Spatial Environments) exhibition works, designed in the last 1940s which were almost destroyed after the exhibition.   October 2016 For more than a century ago - beginning in 1886 - thousands of steelworkers gathered at Hangar Bicocca to begin their workday.  Key names are Ernesto Breda and Pirelli   , Things have changed a lot. Today, the once manufacturing place has turned to host exhibitions, art labs and performances

Giardini di Villa Reale

Giardino di Villa Reale is one of my friend's favourite routes to go from Via Pola to the centre of Milan.  If we walk to the town, we normally go to the direction of Gioia underground station, subsequently through the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli and cross a street to reach the  Giardini di Villa Reale  and further to the town centre.  Here are snapshots of the Giardini Pubblici Indro Montanelli in winter 2010, Giardino di Villa Reale is primarily for children as a sign at the entrance advises that access is reserved for children up to 12 years old accompanied by adults.  No worry, no one will put you to a prison if you visit it without a child. The park is an enchanting place and an unexpected tranquil oasis in the centre of bustled Milan. There stands a neoclassical style 18-century residence by the Viennese architect Leopoldo Pollak for the wife of Count Lodovico Barbiano de Belgiojoso . Walking around you will see trees, stone-lined pathways flanki