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Arona, Statue and Castle of Carlo Borromeo - Lago (Lake) Maggiore -

2010 Sep 12 We were greeted with sunshine on the day and drove towards Lago Maggiore . Years ago we took boat cruising along the lake and stopped by many beautiful touristic towns.  This time, opt for different towns and new sights.  The first stop was Arona .  From its sea side, we could have a first impression of the Arona Castle  ( Rocca di Arona ), where Carol Borromeo , a saint and cardinal of  the Catholic Church in 16th century. All shops, except ice cream shops, were closed. But the town was not empty. Tons of families were enjoying the day along the coast. There was also a mini food fair where people were selling hot fresh hamburger. Smell good! Shops' windows were nicely decorated. Antique, bags of Audrey Hepburn were on sold. A nice atmosphere. There are restaurants around the square at the end of the old town. People were sitting under the sun, enjoying mouth-watering food, fabulous weather and wonderful moments with friends and relatives. Arona gave me a ver