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Milan Antique Market - Naviglio Grande

Limoges tea cup I don't know when I started to like antique.  But it only limits to affordable ones.  Perhaps, it is because my friend studied  Germanistik  (German literature) and he loves to visit churches for the architecture, sculptures, paintings, etc.  They are all historical, exist for several centuries. I visit Milan from time to time.  If it is the last Sunday of the month I will go to Naviglio Grande for the once a month antique market (except August and December). There are about 300 to 400 stalls selling different stuff.  My favourable categories are tea or expresso cup and accessories. Apart from these two, you will often see tableware, off season fashion (even fur), handbag, furniture, lamp, chandelier, etc. There are still other antique markets. Click here to see the full list.  If you are not into antique, the canal still should be one of your sightseeing points. It is lively with many shops, small eateries and restaurants. My tea / expresso cup colle


24 April 2015 My stay in Germany this time was often with so so weather. Perhaps, we only had 3 days with sunshine during the 9-day stay.   Amberg is one of the day trip destinations.  It is seldom heard beyond Germany. But it had bright history as a prosper town.  The city centre is small, clean, organised and rich.  Wifi is provided free once you are near the Marktplatz (main square).  Buildings have been renovated.  Only the Cathedral tower and one more place were under restoration. The city centre is very easy to reach from the railway station.  Just walk across once you have been out of the station.  There was a bronze spherical structure at the entrance of the city.  It is beautifully crafted, with many different patterns and themes.  I saw many hands interacting inside the sphere.  It denotes friendship. Amberg welcomes us.  Oh, this is my interpretation.  I did not read anything about the art piece. Soon after entering the city the first sight visiting point


I am not often in Milan but if I visit the city I always want to pay a visit to Shockolat .  It sells all sorts of chocolate ice cream, any fruity and nutty ice cream that complements chocolate, and chocolate pastries. For me, Shockolat is the best chocolate ice cream shop in Milan. Its chocolate ice cream is very very delicious, creamy and the taste remains at the palate for a long while.  Indulgent! Decadent!  It is validated by a guest's expression.  He enjoyed it so much! Shockolat is a tiny shop located at Via Giovanni Boccaccio , near the Cadorna Railway Station and it is within walking distance from the Castello Sforzesco .  Drop by if you are near or pay a visit there intentionally.  You will not be disappointed.  We were lucky to get a table both times.  But there can be a queue.  Wish you luck! I can barely remember that other two ice cream shops that appealed to me.  One is located at Corso Como.  Its chocolate was intensive and good but choices

Amah Rock 望夫石

As I was a child, I could have a view of the Amah Rock  (the stone gazing out for her husband) from the classroom window. There is a story behind this rock, like a woman carrying her child on her back on the top of a hill.  She was waiting, hoping to see her husband returning home.  The legend says a girl lost her parents.  Her neighbour adopted her.  She grew up with the neighbour boy and became his wife.  The couple had two sons.  There was a drought.  The husband had to go overseas to earn money.  His wife took her children to the top of the hill to wait for her husband.  Day after day, year over year, there was no news from the husband.  Once when they were atop the hill, a thunderstorm transformed them to this piece of rock.  What a forlorn story! Now I have grown up and the school has moved to a new position, I finally had a chance to hike up to see the rock. It is about 15 metre high and located within the Lion Rock country park, near the tunnel of the same name.  One