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Essing, Altmühltal

22 July 2013 Essing is a small town in lower Bavaria.  It has just around 1,000 inhabitants.  Houses built along the canal have big gardens.  The back is white rock dotted with trees.  Strolling along is pleasant and delightful. Nearby the entrance to the little town is a little church.  Walking along the main path, passing through a few restaurants, pubs and the main square will take you to the tranquil canal side.  Art pieces dot the way.       Burg Randeck had its first fortification around 10th century and was built in 11th-12th century.  Ownership changed many hands.  It was extensively renovated in 1975 and stays as an tourist attraction.  You look up, it stands proudly on top of the white cliffs.  You look down, you will find it in the reflection of the canal.  Lovely!   Essing timber pedestrian bridge (or Tatzelwurm ) was opened in September 1992, crossing the Rhein-Main-Donau Canal.  It has an appearance of a sagging rope and is the first