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Castello Sforzesco

Castello Sforzesco is one of the landmarks in Milan.  It is a witness of the history.  It was founded  by the Visconti family .  The size of the castle reached 180m x 180m.  A tower stands at each of the four corners.  It was demolished after the last decendent had died.   But it was rebuilt after three years by general Francesco Sforza who married Visconti's illegitimate daughter.  The next heir transformed the castle into a luxury residence.  Thereafter, it fell into hands of different nations: French, Spanish, Austrian.  Only with the unification of Italy in 1861, the castle could recover its cultural an public functions.  Apart from as a key sightseeing point, it is also a transit point of getting through from one to another direction of the city. It houses many art treasures in its several museums.  With 3 Euro you can appreciate them in a day.  Fabulous! Ancient Art This section houses lots of stone sculptures of the ancient time.  The most striking one is the she


Towns along the coast in Liguria are beautiful.  We arrived first at S. Margherita Ligure-Portofino.  The local train from Milan took 2 hours 20 minutes.  At the railway station you can take a bus connecting Portofino.  It became very full at the town centre of S. Margherita.  People were crowding face touching face, almost.  The bus journey passes through the sea with resorts dotted along the coast.  A lovely start of the trip. Different pastel coloured buildings line up at the port.  They are not fighting to get the best attention but standing in harmony to charm.  Together with the many yachts it composes a fabulous view winning everybody's admiration.  No one can deny, reject the beauty.  Walk up to the hill with a castle.  Gorgeous views of the port and surrounding will sure be shot non-stop.  We skipped the castle but walked around to enjoy the nature. Head to the other side of the hill is a shady, quiet path passing some villas and leads to a view of t