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Cristo Rei

After visiting the Palace of Marqueesses of Fronteira , we had a short break at Kaffeehaus . The next half of the day was spent at  Cristo Rei and Cacilhas . Cristo Rei is one the most iconic monuments in Lisbon. A statue of Jesus Christ on the 80 metre high platform is located on the south bank of Tejo estuary. It was inspired by the Christ the Redeemer in Rio and built in the 1950s to thank God for sparing the country from entering the World War II. We saw Cristo Rei from different parts of Lisbon.  The first sight was from the window of our apartment.  In the night, it is illuminated with different colours.  Other occasions of seeing the giant statue from far are strolling along the river bank on the north, near the Golden suspension bridge and on the way back from Setubal . To visit Cristo Rei, one needs a ferry ride and a bus ride. The ferry departs from  Cais do Sodre  train and metro station (the last stop of the green line).  It is quite frequent during the da


Cascais is a charming seaside town in the Greater Lisbon region, located on the Portuguese Riviera.   It is a cosmopolitan centre and tourist destination.   It attracted the rich and royal families to spend summers with the excellent coastal location. Foreign kings and royal families such as King Edward VIII of the United Kingdom, King Carlos I of Spain and King Umberto II of Italy claimed the town as their home.   Today, Cascais is one of the wealthiest municipalities in both Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula.    It is a symbol of high quality living. Not difficult to imagine, the real estate cost is soaring high. The little gem welcomes its guests with the picturesque beach,  Praia da Rainha . Literally, it is translated as the 'The Queen's beach' as this beautiful small cove was chosen by Queen Dona Amelia as her private beach.  The beautiful beach with its proximity to the railway station draws crowds during the holiday period. Cascais is dotted