Lau Shui Heung to Hok Tau 流水響至鶴藪

The passion of taking a nice shot of the reflection and trying out the shorter route drove me to revisit Lau Shui Heung within a week.  I arrived at Lau Shui Heung around 10.15 in the morning. The sun was not high yet. From far I didn't see the reflection but at the shrubs I could take nice photos.

I took time going here and there to take nice photos. When I started ascending the shorter path (left one with steps), it was about ten to twelve. Hikers advised me to go together with two ladies. They heard the recommendations and welcomed me to join them.  It's a blessing that I walked within a short distance with family Yeung a few days ago and this day with Ivy and Samantha. 

The shorter path is the blue line on the map. Up to the end is an intersection, going down to reach Hok Tau.  If you take the red route, you will go towards Tai Po with endless downward steps. It is a demanding path before you reach the staircase to go downward.

The path up to Hok Tau was about an hour.  The most difficult part is the staircase at the beginning. The demanding walk takes about 15 minutes. Afterwards are always hill roads up, flat or down. There is a side track to go up a hill to have a panoramic view.  We skipped as my new friends seemed like suffering from the difficult upward walk.  At a certain point, we had a fabulous view over Hau Tau Reservoir. The path was dotted with butterflies, tom bows and bird symphony.

The list minute to the reservoir is descending staircase. Hooray! Passing through a zigzag bridge, we went into the heart of the reservoir.  It is serene and peaceful.  Tourists were rare.  Occasionally a family with a strong smell of anti-mosquito chemicals.  It was a big contrast to the tranquillity, unfortunately.  Luckily, the smell of nature was back soon as they moved away.

Samantha found a farm when researching the hike.  We had a short visit after strolling the reservoir.  You will find a sign at the main path from the reservoir to the public transport spot.

E-Farm 川上農莊 is simple construction. The owner and volunteers finished their lunch when we arrived.  Oh, they had a big fish from their own pond. The owner showed us a round. Plants / crops are plentiful.  The orka tasted wonderful!

e-Farm - Orka

e-Farm - Dragon Fruit

e-Farm - Lime
The work of the owner is impressive.  He built everything.  Formerly he studied engineering and had worked with factory production for decades.  Owing to the declining importance of manufacturing in Hong Kong, he switched to organic farm. He built a big room to reproduce worms to feed his fish.  Waste from fish is used for fertilising his crops. Amazing work and results!

e-Farm - Guava

e-Farm - Owner
At the very end of the visit, we saw red tom bow at the golden fish pond which accommodates unwanted golden fish from his friends.

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