Guyi Hunan Restaurant, Shanghai

Guyi, complimented with high quality and consistency restaurant in Shanghai. It serves Hunan dishes.  It lives to the compliment.  A fantastic restaurant delivers first class food.  Not a dish disappoints its pilgrims. 

We were a big group, having a business lunch.  Appetizers did a great job to impress.  Hunan dishes are famous for its spice.  But none of the appetizers was spicy, threatened you to succumb.  Only got you to raise your thumb and say good.

This Hunan braised pork, a dish deep in Alex's memory.  It delighted my taste buds.  It's sweet and not spicy.  The spicy prawns were a enchanting experience, delible and never forgotten.  Chunky prawns went wonderful the spice, stimulating desire to have a more and another more.  I had two.

The cow frog was huge.  Flesh was tender, not super hot but heavenly. 

A few mild dishes:  refreshing lotus roots were crunchy.  Mixing with ginko blioba and black mushroom.  Different textures and good tastes.  Smoked fish, common in a lot of cuisines in China. 

Spice can be like a fierce murderer, killing for your breadth, making you sweat, but doesn't stop your desire to grasp more to satisfy the hungry stomach.

Last came a mixed mushroom soup, precious and delicate.  More appreciated by Chinese.  The taste was not complicated and volatile like the other spicy dishes but excellent.

89 Fumin Lu,
near Julu Lu