Xlendi Tower

After shopping at the mini-market at Xlendi, we headed to the bay and searched for the walking trail to the Azure Window.  We got some ideas, went home, waited for the grocery delivery and then explored the Xlendi Tower. It's nice that my companion often researched all the sightseeing points. Our trips are always enjoyable and memorable.

We just went back to the main street, headed down to the bus station and turned right to find a path. If you come from Xlendi Bay, just leave it through walking the coastal path, turn right and go straight.  You will find a path to go down and see a stone bridge made during the Knight's period which connects the cliffs to the rest of Xlendi.

Just follow the path, you will come to the coast and have gorgeous views of the dramatic cliffs.  Walk towards the tower to enjoy the building itself, salt pans and spectacular rocks in the surrounding.


If you walk from Mgarr to Xlendi, you will arrive at Xlendi Tower, don't forget to walk around the surrounding. Preview a video here to have an impression.  If you have time, stay a while to enjoy the sunset.


Comino Island

Comino is the smallest island of Malta, only 2km long by 1.7km wide. It is famous for its blue lagoon which draws crowds of tourist and Maltese. It has got the name from cumin which grows on the island. Small colour shrubs dot the island. Most of the places are very rugged. Apart from staying at the blue lagoon, one can hike round the island, visit the remaining sights from the old days and swim at the two other peaceful beaches.


We took a bus to Victoria, then Mgarr and then a small boat at around 10 am (hear it from the video by clicking here).  It was very windy in early May.  The island was still empty. People were setting up booths to get ready to welcome the tourists.  We started off by admiring the amazing coastal areas with different blue colours, rock and the barren land.  It's breathtaking!

Our first sightseeing spot was the tower, St. Mary's.  It was built in 1618 by Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt to protect passenger and commercial vessels against piracy.  The tower is opened to tourists with donation. Staff offered to take us around. But we opt to tour alone. Information about history, animal, diverse marine living creatures was shown.  We went up to the top to have a panoramic view of the island.


Nearby are the Saint Mary's Battery and hospital.  The battery was built in 1716. It is a semi-circular structure with a number of embrasures facing the sea.

In 20th century Comino served as a hospital for cholera victims.  Soldiers wounded in the war were sent there for treatment.

With the long lasting erosion by the sea and wind, a big crack is seen separating the island. The nature is mighty!

There are two less crowdy beaches on the other side of the island, San Niklaw and Santa Marija Bay.  We stayed a while at the latter.  Water was crystal clear. The place was dotted with sun umbrella but remained peaceful.


We then walked back to the blue lagoon.  Crowds seen in the water, on the rock and queuing up for the returning boat. No chance to go into the water but seeing other punching in the water is funny.


Wanna see the blue water moving!  Click here for a short video!