Rothenburg ob der Tauber

27 July 2011

Youth Hostel
It was my second time visiting Rothenburg but this time on my birthday, with Family Heim.  It is a walled medieval old town, along the Romantic Road in Bavaria.  I remember that there was an Umzug the first time when I was there. People in medieval clothing were marching and performing. There was a great view out from the toilet window of the youth hostel, lush green, endless and romantic.

We had a cosy breakfast at home in Nürnberg.  Then we drove for an hour to start the lovely visit.  Sunshine blessed the day.  My birthday was filled with beautiful unspoiled medieval buildings, green surroundings, laughter and memory.

Many buildings have signs indicating the business that the shop is in.  Cute!  We passed through a gate, beautiful houses and then arrived at the Marktplatz where the Rathaus and major buildings are standing. 

To have a great panoramic view of the town, we ascended to the roof of the Rathaus.  It's a narrow rounded top allowing limited number of visitors.  Be sure to get there.  It's worth the efforts and money.

The town is old but it's also creative. A shop selling teddy bear shows bears as important musicians.  Great names of Beethoven, Bach, Schumann, etc. 

After lunch we walked to the surrounding of the old town, bathed in the greenery and under the sunshine.  Sights of isolated church, randomly scattered houses, nice private gardens, stone bridge.  All can be described as picturesque.

Slowly we walked back to the town via a gate.  Sorry, don't know the name.  There are many gates at different points of the wall.  Ascending from any point to look at the town and the surroundings.  Everywhere is shown with names of donators from all around the world.

One of the spots worths photography is Plonlein, that I learnt about it after the trip. Well, my photo is certainly not among the best, but an impression for a desire to visit next time you will be there.

St Jakobskirche (church) is a gigantic landmark of Rothenburg.  The Gothic church houses a famous masterpiece  by Würzburg sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider, the Holy Blood Altarpiece.  In the centre is the Last Supper carved in wood. The expressions of the figures are very real.  Superb technique!

Close to the end of the visit came we to the Burg Garten.  A man performed music with a special instrument, family and friends relaxed, tourists wandered around.  One can get fantastic views of the town and the surroundings. 

Time to go, goodbye charming and eternal Rothenburg.  This birthday is one of the happiest in the recent years.