20 July 2013
It was the last day of our trip in Czech Republic before we went back to Nurnberg.  It was quite an indirect trip from Cesky Krumlov to Plzen.  First took a bus quiet remotely from the centre of Cesky Krumlov, then a train but noticed at the last moment that we needed to change at Nepomuk.  Quite a trip!

We followed a German tourist group.  It led us to its national pride, Pilsner Urquell Brewery. A big complex, possibly with free beer.  However, we were short of time and must set forward to the town centre.
The main square is beautiful.  Unfortunately, we were not blessed with sunshine that day.  Never mind.  Let's climb the Cathedral to enjoy a panoramic view.

The gorgeous views are from the cathedral standing in the middle of the square. 
Shortly after the descending from the church tower, we had the luck of seeing the town centre with sunshine.  It is totally differently and totally beautiful!
Sculpture is also every where, as part of buildings, standalone, traditional, modern, countless!

Beer drinking?

Last but not the least is the beautiful railway station.


Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov for me is a pearl in the south of the Czech Republic.  Two friends, Angel and Florence, bombed the idea of a 'must-visit' place.  After I have been there, I certainly recommend that it worth a few hours journey from Prague to there.  It's a big delight to be there for a day.

Our adventure started with a challenge to find our hotel.  It's dark and cold inside.  The wall was about a feet thick. Heating was on at high summer, July. Middle ages heating, furniture and key told definitely that they were antique.  The good thing is it's located next to the Monastery and with a stone's throw distance to  the castle.

We started the visit with the castle tower.  On the way is a brown bear which attracted crowds.  Ticket prices to various spots of the castle were quite expensive and visit by time slot was not guaranteed.   The tower is colourful.  I can't recall I have seen anything similar in Europe. 

The museum near the ticket box is quite small.  It displayed the internal set up of the castle.  Furniture, decorations are the key items.
The panoramic view from the castle tower is gorgeous.  A river flows round the old town.  It is itself a beautiful painting. 

The castle theatre is in Baroque style but renovated with modern stage equipment. Changing scenes, lightning and special sound were demonstrated during the tour.  We were escorted to the basement to see the mechanics for the special effects, manual but open eyes to the ancient intelligence. Considered the precious nature of the theatre, performance there is rare nowadays. Other Baroque theatre still preserved is in Sweden, Drottningholm Palace Theatre

Take a stroll around the town, the river, up and down is a pleasure.  Well preserved and colourful houses left a good memory.  A very nice day. 


Given the short time we stayed in Cesky Krumlov, we could not manage to visit Egon Schiele Museum but passed by the Museum in the evening.