27 July 2013
http://www.muenchen.de/int/en/tourism.htmlMünchen is a vibrant city, full of energy and innovation.  I was amazed by the Olympic Stadium during my first visit.  The gigantic space, long swimming pool, historical buildings, BMW museum, huge churches, Dachau concentration camp, etc. were so stunning to this young girl at time.  One from Hong Kong, so tiny, without much history and grand facilities. Eyes wide open.  I was totally innocent, knew nothing about Europe apart from history books in school and just followed friends to see this different world.  From that time on, I was often in Europe: two semesters in Heidelberg, two and half months in Nürnberg for a friend experiencing transplantation, trips in Italy, Germany, Croatia, Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe, etc.
Munich gave me an impression as a mixed conglomerate: intertwined with old and new, tradition and modern.  Historical buildings in a corner but just turning around can be modern architecture that amazes people.

We started our tour with a visit to Bonifatiuskirche north of the railway station and on the way to the Museum District.  It's very modern inside, a big contrast to the traditional Gothic, Baroque and is more approachable.
After we have visited the Lenbachhaus we took the U-bahn to Marienplatz.  Hunger in the heat.  We only ate Leberkäsesemmel with bread as takeaway from one of the butcher / sausage shops.  It tasted wonderful.  Leberkäse is translated as liver cheese.  However, it is made with corned beef, pork, bacon and onions.   According to the German food law it is the only Leberkäse in Bavaria that contains no liver.  Nearby is a big sheltered place looks like beer garden that can host  thousand people.  It can be sort of venue for the Oktoberfest.  Full of atmosphere.  Some people wore old fashioned clothing with special hats.   Awesome!

Then we went to the Jewish Museum, just a short glimpse outside and nearby to have an impression. The Q and A on the left is funny.   Another sign writes, 'I grew up in the house of my grandmother in Bavaria but I did not know that I am a Jew.'

München Stadt Museum
Museum Brandhorst
Modern and tradition again.  When I first lived in Germany, cafés were places for old women spending their afternoon chatting and sipping coffee.  But in München, there is also Coffee to Go, like Starbuck, is named Meyerbeer Coffee.  Ah ha!

It's amusing walking in the street.  München people are humorous and so are the art pieces and commercial display. A pole with very German figures, modern sculpture making you smile, Budda lying on the floor, elegant model shown at a display window.  I wish I could be there longer to grasp all interesting shots.  But we were only a day there, a fantastic one.
My friend will climb high tower wherever there is one.  To have a panoramic view, to challenge ourselves and prove our health.   We went up the stairs of the Peterskirche to have the wonderful views of München.  Nearby are the Frauenkirche and Rathaus. It worth the efforts and some big breath.
Big city, lonely people, true everywhere.  Real people and sculpture!


Restauration Fischer Nürnberg

29 July 2014
I spent my holiday in Vienna and Nürnberg this year.  Nürnberg is almost my second home.  We normally eat at home since we are living in the suburb.  Late night dining in the town is rare as public transport is infrequent.  I found Fischer as the most beloved and complimented restaurant in Nürnberg.  Here we were.   Food was first class.   We love it!

Fischer opens its door only in the evening.  It offers 3 menus:   Sea or Country 4-course menu costs €59 or a 7-course menu costs €89.  We picked the Country menu, dishes were meat based and chanterelle (Pfifferlinge) was present in the first and second courses as July is the best season.  I love this tiny yellow mushroom, full of fragrance and character.

We took a table downstairs and could see the opened kitchen.  The chef could check our response first hand.   I gave thumb-up after the appetizer and double thumb-up after the main course.

We were served a complimentary starter: veal cut with tuna dressing.  It went well with our red wine recommended by our waitress.  It suited all dishes.  We were very please with it.

Our starter was lamb fillet with salad and mango chutney.   Full of flavours!  The fillets were of generous portion.  The pinky meat were tender.  I enjoyed a piece in the mouth and let the taste linger there.

The menu is Continental but in the direction of Italian: appetizer, first and second course then dessert. My friend took the risotto with chanterelle and quail but I requested to change to tagliatelle.  But my quail disappeared as meat and pasta are not a match in Italian serving dish.   OK.   My quail went to my friend's risotto.   The tiny bites of the quail were wow.  My chanterelle tagliatelle was excellent!

Our main course was two-way cooked beef.  Pan fried beef fillet and a slice of braised shank served with vegetables.  I requested for medium rare but our waitress forgot about it.  The chef was pleased to change the meat for me.   Outstanding!  The meat was good and fresh.  Pink, tender and awesome.

A good dinner must be finished with a palatable dessert.  Our was crème brulee with homemade white chocolate ice cream.  The sweetness was appropriate with an optimal balance between the crispy sugary top and the smooth custard.  OMG!

Some reviewers said the serving time as too long.  Ours was OK.  In about 2.5 hours, we were through our gourmet journey.  It can be easily understood:  one chef without helper.   He did all cooking.  There were 4-5 tables when we dined there.

Still haven't made up your mind?   Another assurance:  Fischer is both countered to 'Germany's best' by Guide Michelin and Der Feinschmecker.

If you plan to visit during the weekend, please reserve a table ahead.  It is a tiny place.  Monday closed.  Bon appetite!