Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a 'must see' monument of the Angkor Archeological Park.  We did visit it but not on our first or second day.  Rather, it's on the second last day.   It is enormous.  It has miles long relief describing the various wars.   Beautiful but after some time it's difficult to appreciate the art intensively.   There are many literature about the momument and its art.  Instead of extracting bits and pieces of information, I prefer to show it from far to close.

The first day of visit, we passed by the monument in the evening.  Families clustered at the lawn outside to enjoy the precious time together.

A view of Angkor Wat from a hill for sunset.   You have to start walking up before a certain time and queue up to enter into the premise of temples to wait for the sunset view.   There were crowds.  So, be early.  The weather on the day we visited was not ideal for sunset view.  We did not wait for it.  The beauty of the Angkor Wat view worth the sweat.

The very first shot of the morning of our visit - Cambodia children.

Step by step closer to the monument.


Steep climbs to ascend and scary descend ....

Relief samples ........

The monument


Siem Reap - Blossom Cafe and Training Centre

Feb 2014
I feel that Blossom Cafe must be featured at this section about Siem Reap. It is a cupcake boutique, not-for-profit organisation offering training and opportunities to Cambodian women to earn their independent living with superb cake skills. Not only you can sample delicious cakes, but relax and appreciate every corner in cake art form.  It provides ample space with transquity and beauty.   Blue glass tables reflecting spot lights within white colour space soothes your nerves.  Cakes are not only pieces of art but mouth-watering.  It's difficult to resist of not ordering more. 

Cherry Hype Cheesecake
Lemon and Raspberry Cake
Cookies n Cream Cheesecake
Chocolate Hazelnut Sacher Torte
There were 48 choices of individual cupcakes.  You can also have a platter or tower to multiply your happiness level.  If cupcake does not satisfy your appetite, you can order their signature Chocolate Sacher Torte Cake or a tailored one. Below are samples on display.

6 Mondul 1 Svay Dangkum, Central Market, Siem Reap


Siem Reap Restaurants

Feb 2014

Fish Filet on Chili Ginger Sauce
Morning Glory Soup
We were 7 nights in Siem Reap and can give you tips on which restaurants to go and which not.   Our most favourite was Haven Training Restaurant.  At time it was ranked as the number 1 restaurant at TripAdvisor. The owner is a Swiss couple.  The husband managed all guests at the restaurant entrance.  If you were very lucky you could get a table without reservation.  But most of the time, you will be unlucky.

Fish Filet with Green Mango
Haven is running for a good cause. It provides a 1-year training programme to orphans or underprivileged young people from very poor rural areas. They were equipped with work, life skills, English and computer skills. The owner will assist them finding permanent position after the programme.

We passed by there on our first night, 11 Feb.  The earliest we could get a table for 2 would be 15 Feb. We had high expectation.  Food was fantastic, especially the seafood dishes. The deep fried calamari and fish dishes were super good on both nights, 15th and 17th Feb.  Cooking style is mostly Khmer but some dishes as fusion between Asian and European cooking.  The desserts we tried were European.  We preferred the Khmer dishes.

Sok San Street, Siem Reap, 20m past the X-Bar, on the right.
Phone: +855 78 34 24 04          Mail: eat@havencambodia.com

Genevieve's Restaurant is near to Haven Training Restaurant.  The owner, Phil, is an ex-colleague of Genevieve.  She was Australian and teacher in Siem Reap. She helped a lot of students to transform their lives but died from cancer in 2009. The restaurant is also running on a good cause.  30% of their profit goes to their staff, 4 local NGOs  and a community garden. 

All dishes, from appetizers to dessert were excellent.  Atmosphere was cosy and casual. Waiter and waitresses were very attentive and delightful.  Our fish cakes and vegetarian rice paper rolls were delicious and fresh.

Sovy was our waiter, the singing waiter praised at TripAdvisor. He had a beautiful voice and sang 2-3 times every night.  Songs include Khmer, Thai and English. Click here or The Voice to sample his singing.  Believe me, you should listen to his singing on spot in the restaurant.  Feel his passion, emotion and expressions in his songs.


Sok San St | Next to Chenda Pharmacy
+855 81 410 783         philrrrr@gmail.com

Another restaurant I would recommend is New Leaf Book Cafe. It is a restaurant, book shop and event venue in one space. Profit generated is invested in educational programmes in the Siem Reap province.

It was not easy to find the restaurant.  This book cafe was not brightly lit in the light.  The dim light created a romantic atmosphere.  Food price was a bit higher than the other two restaurants.  Quality was good.  Dishes we tried were both Khmer and international. My appetizer was minced pork white cabbage salad. Fresh, full of fibre and good.  My partner was a bit scare of raw food.  He opt for a warm soup.  It tasted good.

My fish Amok was a huge portion.  I loved the Khmer fragrance and it was as good as in Geneviene's Restaurant.  The other main course was spare rib, very western.  We both loved our dessert, warm chocolate tart.  Intensive chocolate with a dash of ice cream.  Energy to walk back to our hotel.


No. 306, Group 10 Phum Mondul 1 Svay Dungkum Siem Reap.
Tel : +855 (0) 63 766 016          Email : gm@newleafbookcafe.com

If you are German or Austrian, you may wish to have Wienerschnitzel at Haus Bremen.  It's away from Pub Street.  Street 26, Siem Reap #567G12.  It is a bit remote but still accessible on foot.  Setting is an open garden.  Good food and the story of a German leading a very different life in

We also tried Old House Restaurant at the Pub Street area.  This one, you can forget it.   A Korean guy recommended its country cuisine in a big street.  The spicy tofu soup was delicious.  The rest was so so.