My birthday was forecasted with bad weather.  The weather of the day before was predicted a bit better.  Parents of my friend took us to a romantic town nearby, Dinkelsbühl, for celebration. It is an enchanting little town.  Just as a coincidence, there was the Kinderzeche which made the day more memorable.  The legend tells that when the Swedish army besieged the town during the Thirty Year's war, a girl took the children to the Swedish general to beg for mercy. The Swedish general had recently lost his young son due to illness.  And a boy who approached him  resembled his own son so closely that he decided to spare the town. Click here to see the parade.


Dinkelsbühl is a medieval town but modernised nowadays.   One can see QR code randomly for tourists to understand the spots and the town.  Buildings are old but very colourful and preserved in a good state.  I could see only one in bad state. Around the city is the city wall, green spots and medieval buildings.   Many building in the town centre are shops, selling all kinds of living matters.

Another illustration of its age is the various signages and icons attached to the buildings.  They are so sweet and cute.

Don't miss the St. Georg Church.  And climb to the top to get a gorgeous view of the town!