Marina Bay Sands and Tourist Spots Nearby

It's another time this year visiting Singapore for work.  Last time we had a luxus dinner at Marina Bay Sands, having superb views of Singapore's skyline from all perspectives.  It's a pity that we could not admire the beautiful outlook of the modern architecture of the casino itself.  But this time, as I came the first night alone then joined by other colleagues, I had the freedom of having a closer look yet with some distance of the marvelous building group.  Ajadcent is the ArtScience Museum in the lotus flower look.  They complement each other, leaving audience an unforgettable impression of Singapore.

Anshu (ex-colleague) addressed my desires for the outlook of Marina Bay Sands and Singapore crab by bringing me to the Esplanade. It is a theatre built in the shape of durian and situated next to the Singapore River. It's 6 hectre large. The theatre can sit 2000 people. It stands proudly at the waterfront, competing attention with the nearby Marina Bay Sands. Outside is long corridor that people can stroll along and enjoy the open space and appreciate the glittering surroundings.

Strolling along the street leading closer to the Fullerton Hotel, the Merlion came into sight.  It is a mythical creature with the head of lion and the body of a fish.  The name combines mer, the sea, and lion.  The fish body symbolises the origin of Singapore as a fishing village.  The lion head reminds the original name of Singapore, lion city.

Around 9.30, a faint laser shined from the centre of the ArtScience Museum.  Then the top of the Sands building glittered with laser effect.  Green, white light shot from the top.  Music heard.  The laser show began. Without knowing before, we enjoyed the visual views with surprise and delight.