Shanghai, French Concession Area

Shanghai is a vibrant city.  Changes happening everyday.  There were only 2 subway lines in 2007 when I first visited.  Now, 11 lines!  Tremendous!  I visited most of the tourist spots and a waterway town.  Strong impression on the historical buildings at the Bund and the picturesque Sitang, a waterway town close to Shanghai where Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible III was shot.

Lately, I could spend a weekend free during my work in Shanghai.  This time, I opt for a quiet strolling in the French concession area and experience more of the ordinary life.

My day started with a visit to Eileen Chang's 張愛玲 residence. It's only passing by, taking a picture outside the building. She was a very famous writer at her time and is still so nowadays. Her works are often filmed. Famous ones include Lust, Caution and Love in a Fallen City.

Then I turned to Yanqing Road 延慶路 a street with glimpses of ordinary life.  Aged nice houses are all the way.

The French Concession area is huge.  The obvious characteristic is trees along both sides of streets. Speed is lower and less bustling than the other areas. 


The next day I walked around Ruijin Road.  There is the beautiful Ruijin Hotel.  The atmosphere is like back to the 1940s.  A big park, nice buildings and restaurants.  Totally another world from the outside. 

Ruijing Hotel 瑞金賓館
Sinan Lu is a street with beautiful houses.  They are converted to hotel, bars, restaurants, museum, etc. A nice stroll around the area. 
上海思南路, Sinan Lu Shanghai
Don't miss out a very good noodle shop, 阿娘麵.  Its fish noodle is fabulous.  Long queue, quite some waiting time to buy a ticket, get a seat but it's worthwhile.  Fresh fish and tasty soup noodle.  Just RMB20 for a sumptuous meal.  Don't be scared by the service lady.  Their hot temper is attributed to the restless hours. 
Small shops of dumplings should not be missed too.  Cooking in soup or pan fried ones are very good and cheap.  One cost RMB7.5 for lunch and the other RMB8.  The fried dumplings were so juicy and wonderful.