Xlendi to Azure Window Walk

We pursued the beautiful walk from Xlendi to the Azure Window on the second day since arrival at Gozo. It is a pity that we could not see the natural wonder of a 28-metre limestone arch standing proudly on the sea. It consisted of a pillar of rock rising from the sea and joined to the cliff by a horizontal slab. Though strong it was defeated by erosion, storm and collapsed.  Its parts are now sitting on the sea bed.  Nevertheless, the hike between Xlendi and the Azure Window is stunningly beautiful. We were accompanied with blue sky, dramatic white cliffs, colourful flowers and amazing views all along.

To start the trip, we passed Stone Crab (one of the famous restaurants) at Xlendi Bay, walked up a staircase to go further to the direction of the Azure Window. Look back from there you will see the beautiful Xlendi Bay.

When you are up. look for a red dot on the rock.  From there ascend to the higher part.  It is a small climb which the short me had to grasp plants sometimes to help the walk up. But once I was up, it was easy then to continue the walk. It is a combination of town pavements, earthen and limestone paths.


When you come to a Y junction, go left and continue a big country road for about 2km to arrive at Ta’ Sarraflu fresh water pool. Then take the concrete track bounded by rubble walls across the road from the pool. It will take you towards the cliffs and offers fantastic views towards Xlendi.

Ahead is a narrow path on the left.  It leads to a cliff path at a lower level and then Wardija Point. There stands the Punic sanctuary which was carved into the yellow limestone 2,500 years ago.  From this point in front of you are the magnificent views of the Dwejra Bay, Fungus Rock and Azure Window if it hadn't collapsed.

Going forward we continued to enjoy the tranquillity, the beautiful blue and immense space.  Different gorgeous spots dot the path.  No wonder this is one of the top trails in the world, not only in Gozo.

After heading down, we walked towards the sea. It was very windy. So, be careful. It was fabulous to climb / walk across the coastal rocks, sit there and admire the mother nature.



We visited Legligin on our last night in Valletta.  It was featured in a German travel book written by Michael Bussmann which also recommends Tal-Petut which was exceptional.  Legligin is small place and we called in advance to reserve a table. Sitting next to us is a Dutch lady and her son, a handsome little guy.

Service in Legligin was friendly. The venue was cosy.  Food was excellent. We were served with many dishes, 8-10 different gourmets of the country or the Mediterranean.

The dinner started with wine picking which was difficult as I don't know much about but like to drink with dinner. Soup and a few appetisers gave a good impression and confidence that the other dishes would be great.

If you prefer to eat not too late, make a booking either by dropping by or calling, else you will be told 'Sorry, we are full.  Would you mind coming back later or reserve for another day?'  The Dutch mother sitting next to us asked if they could come for lunch on Sunday. Sorry it would not be opened for lunch.

117 Triq Santa Lucia


Tal-Petut in Malta

It was totally a pleasant coincidence and luck that we passed by Tel-Petut in Birgu (Vittoriosa) around 5 pm one evening of May in 2017. We were attracted to its private dining concept and local seasonal produce. And it was featured in my friend's German travel book. It was highly rated by the readers. I went in and booked a table with the young chef. It was a fantastic choice!

The set up is guest is served with numerous dishes of appetisers made with local produce, mainly vegetables. Guests can taste the local hung sausages with chilli oil and red wine sauce. It was exciting and special. Local cheese in olive oil was also among the appetisers.  After the sumptuous appetisers, big raviolis in tomato sauce were served.  Very nice!  All of these, no choice offered but excellent quality. We were very happy.

The only choice we had to make is the wine. Difficult!  Don helped us.  We would like to have longer aftertaste and changing taste.  His choice was good.  He is a fabulous salesman with a passion for bringing the best food to his guests. Don was enthusiastic to tell what we would eat. We were attracted to his introduction. He told other guests that the house where the restaurant was very old. I just cannot remember the number.  It should be over 100.

Two choices of main courses were offered: pork cheek and slow cooked chicken leg.  It was a no brain question. One of each for two of us. Both were nicely cooked and tasted great. Happy happy! The happy meal was ended with a dessert.

And the price was very good too.  At time, it charged €28 per person.  Wine may be €20 and a handful tip. We then hurried up to take the last or second last bus passing Birga back to Valletta.


Malta Food

We arrived Malta before 5pm on 2 May.  My travel companion was afraid that we might not be able to get to the island in case of any flight delay. So, we spent a night at Malta, not direct at the centre but a few bus stops away at Pieta. Our taxi driver took us a a moderate hill where our B and B was. After settling down our stuff, we went for a walk around and look for our dinner place.

Walking down the road to the main street, you can choose to dine at a top rated restaurant, Fumia. Since it was not opened up to 19.30 and we were not sure if there would be a table for us, we opt for La Vela Restaurant. The Antipasti combo was outstanding.  7 dishes of raw and cooked seafood were provided. Excellent value for €18 per person (two minimum).  It will fill you up.  Extra dish is optional. We were both impressed with the high quality of Maltese food the first night.

We headed to Gozo the next day.  The journey was long as the bus was not punctual and it went through the whole island from east to west. Once we arrived at Gozo we still needed to take a bus to Victoria and then another one to Xlendi. Well, we arrived at the beautiful place, did some shopping, went to the seaside to see the barren castle and then enjoyed sumptuous dinner with a great view of the cliff. Looking back is the Xlendi Bay dotted with lights.

Contrast to the popular choices of restaurants at Xlendi Bay, we picked a rooftop restaurant between the bay and our apartment, Ic Cima. Food and wine were superb.  We took salad, traditional fish soup (Aljotta), rabbit (Fenek moqli, typical dish of Malta) and duck.  Everything was perfect. We had a fantastic first day and night at Xlendi.

On another day we had a walk from the harbour back to Xlendi. We had a pause at Sannat. It was a quiet place not with much life in the afternoon. We saw only a sign for food, II Girna Restaurant.  Only an American couple was chilling there with their cold white wine. Since we were hiking through, we did not take much money with us. Guess what, with less then €20, we could have excellent seafood and mussel soup with bread.  Service, ambience and food were excellent!