When we planned the trip of Malta, we chose between Xlendi and Marsalforn for our accommodation. Both are very touristic and filled with resorts. Xlendi is smaller and the buildings are more scattered. It is more charming. Besides, it is both the starting and ending points of two hiking trails.  Marsalforn is more developed and packed with clusters of resorts and buildings. Not difficult choice.  We picked Xlendi to stay but made a trip to Marsalforn after visiting the Citadel in Victoria in the morning.

Bus service to Marsalforn is hourly, from both Victoria and Ir-Rabat Ghawdex. We took bus 307 from a temple site to Marsalforn. The bay is full of restaurants and always busy. The place looks nice. We went further along the coast.

First nice spot is the saltpans, directly situated at the sea.  It is 350 years old and stays throughout the centuries. You can see saltpans from different spots in Gozo.


We did not research much about Marsalforn. Scenery is quite nice though.  Along the coastal walk, we saw an old battery as coastal fortification dated 18th century.  It was converted to a disco at late 1970s but now abandoned.

We were amazed by Il-Qolla I-Bajda, the White Qolla (odd shaped hillocks / buttes).  It is formed with a layer of white grey clay topped with a yellow layer of limestone.  The Qolla is unique in Gozo.

Somewhere around looking to the far, the Risen Christ statue (Tas-Salvatore - the Redeemer) came into my eyesight.  It stands high at Tal-Merzug Hill and can be seen from different spots on Gozo.  I saw it here in Marsalforn and from the Citadel in Victoria.