Vila do Conde, Porto

31 March 2012

The enormous Convent of Santa Clara drew my attention and bought me to the seaside town, Vila do Conde.   The convent was build in the 14th century and expanded in 18th century. It is now used as an infant school.  The church and cloister can be visited.

Vila do Conde is 27km away from Porto and is connected with metro service, line B.  It costs about 2.6 Euro one way.  When we arrived, the first stunning spot is the aqueduct, giant and seems endlessly extended.  We then walked up to the convent and nearby churches.  The aqeueduct is also there, up on the hill. It is said that water supply for the convent relied on the aqeueduct.  Wow, a long way!  It's marvelous!

Walking down soon came the church Igreja Matriz / Parish Church with beautiful stone carving door decoration.  The surrounding is nice but empty.  
Next we reached the beach, strolled along, appreciated the Atlantic Ocean.  If one swims across the ocean, it will be New York.  Ha, will the Statue of Freedom greet one with open arms?  Or one will be arrested and sent back to the country of origin?  Anyway, just my imagination.

It was quiet the day we were there, the last day of March, a Saturday.  Golden sand with foot steps and  scenes of love.


Cuivre, Shanghai

19 July 2012

Another business trip to Shanghai.  Rebecca recommended Downstairs with David Laris and Cuivre.  The previous is Australian.  The latter is French and difficult to get a table.  OK, then aim for the more challenging one.  Auh Oh, we could get a table at 7.30, the same day.  Very nice! 

Foie gras terrine
After a full day of intensive work, we stepped into a cosy atmosphere blended with fun.  Fixtures are primarily wood, warm and welcome.  Menu is shown with a leather-framed ipad.  I like the Easter island styled statues, smiling to guests.  Cuivre means copper.  It's run by Michael Wendling, a young chef from southern France.  Price is not high, certainly a good value for the sumptuous food.

Greg, Takahiko, Alex and I are the four diners.  It seems a natural pair up if the latter three are in Shanghai.  It's good companion combination.  No presence of the very high level boss.  We could stay relaxed, chat and laugh loudly.

Truffle risotto with Iberico cheese shaving and black pork had my highest vote.  Sublime taste of the risotto and juicy pork.  The steak was good but it's easier to have good steak in most restaurants.

No doubt it's the best western food restaurant I ever had in Shanghai.  Goga is good but the place is very tiny and you can stay around 1.5 hours.  If you wish to chat, sorry you have to move.

Black Pork

Le Crumble

Wanna book a table?  Here is the information.  Enjoy!
Huaihai xi road, Shanghai