Croatia Trip - Day 6 - Trogir

Trogir is a little, quiet and picturesque cultural town.   The historical town centre is a UNESCO world heritage site.  It is a short ride from Split.  In the morning there are direct intercity bus services which take about half hour.  Otherwise, normal bus journey takes you there in an hour.  Try this link for connection to/from Trogir.

Trogir is located on an island between the mainland and another island, Ciovo. Small bridges connect between them.

On the northern side of the main square is the Cathedral of St Lovro.  It is considered as one of Dalmatia's most architecturally and artistically important monuments. The builder, Master Radovan, molded the first nude Adam and Eve in Dalmatia.  

The columns of the cathedral are remarkably beautiful. They left me an excellent impression. The interior of the cathedral is worth a look. The ceiling is special. Don't forget to ascend to the tower for a superb panoramic view of the town, mainland and nearby.

One can stroll along the water front, both sides of the main bridge, to relax and enjoy the lovely breeze and natural beauty.  Not far away is an abandoned fortress which offers gorgeous view.

St Marco Basilica

I would say St Mark Basilica is a monument, rich in history and art treasures.  It is splendid, possesses exquisite facade and magnificent golden interior.  One can find other churches with golden mosaics but this one is distinguished by the tale of St. Marco along with the many illustrations of the old and new testaments.   Outside the churches, you can appreciate the paintings on its facades.  Its shape is unique.  For me, it looks like a palace.  At the centre is the symbol, the lion of St Marco.

Inside the basilica can be very dark.  The art treasures cannot be appreciated.  Shouts always echo, 'no pictures, no photos.'  Floods of tourists arrived, moved forward, raised the heads to view the superb mosaics, took photos, argued with guards and left.   Until it is illuminated, one is wondered by the luxurious eternal beautiful mosaics.  They are on every vault and ceiling, full of teasures.

You are free to take photos in all churches in Italy but except Venice. We talked to one of the guards inside the Basilica. He said that it is a rule by one of the government officials and remains. No one knows why but everyone has to stick to it.

No one is allowed to take nap sacs or big bags into the basilica but store it at a place nearby. If you are facing the basilica's front, the place is at one of the lane on the left hand side. It took some time to find but you will find it. You can leave your bags for up to one hour.


Monza, Italy

Monza is 15 km away from Milan.  It is a little rich town.  I visited the town centre and the beautiful Duomo years ago.  The destination this time is the park, one beloved by its inhabitants.  It is enormous, over 600 acres, and dotted with many beautiful villas.  It's also the venue for the annual Formula I Grand Prix.

We got in the park via the entrance nearby Villa Reale.  It was built by the will of Empress Marie-Therese of Austria.  Exhibitions are held there from time to time.  One was over prior to my visit.  It was a cold Saturday. Snow remained on the floor.  But the temperature did not stop its inhabitants strolling miles across different parts of the park.  Families, old couples, friends dotted the park.  Smiles were around.  Love dangled in the air.  Beauty filled our eyes.   It's a romantic world compared to the hectic Milan.