23 July 2014

It was a sunny day.  We headed to Coburg with the Bavarian ticket.  The journey from Nürnberg to Coburg was about 1 hour 40 minutes with local train.   The line passes through Bamberg, an Unesco city.  The train is modern.   You can have electricity connection, e.g. charging your iphone. 

Coburg Marktplatz (Market Square)
Originally, Coburg belonged to Thüringen region but switched to Bavaria in 1920. A few remarks of the city:
Coburg Evangelische Stadtkirche
St. Moriz
Coburg is a rich city.     The town is clean and well structured.  Major touristic signs include: Veste Coburg, Hof Garten, Marktplatz (Market Square), Schloss Ehrenburg, State Theater, Schloss Rosenau, Schloss Callenberg, Evangelische Stadtkirche St. Moriz, etc.

Coburg State Theater

Among all, the major attraction is Veste Coburg.  It is one of the biggest and most beautiful fortresses in Germany. It dominates the skyline of Coburg.  You will not miss it out. The way to the Veste Coburg is through an immense lush green park dotted with some nice villas.   Looking back to the town are big nice houses.
Coburg Hof Garten
If you are hungry after the walk, the restaurant next to Veste Coburg is a good choice.  Price level is very normal.  It does not charge the tourist price.   We opt for ice coffee.  Yes, German ice coffee is generous with a big dash of cream.  Yes, yes, loads of calories...........


The complex of Veste Coburg contains 3 museums and 4 historical rooms:
  • Paintings and sculptures
  • Weapons
  • Carriages and sleighs

A room is dedicated to Lucas Cranach. He was a German Renaissance painter.  In most of his career he painted protraits of princes, princess and Protester Reformation leaders. A key characteristic is nude subjects drawn from mythology and religion. The nude woman above is the suicide of Lucretia. She was raped.  Viginity was very important. She committed suicide io show she was innocent. The other one is Dido the Queen of Cartage.


Queen Victoria
Luther's Room
This master piece of hunting scenes was completed in 1632, in Thürigen/Franconia style.  The whole room is surrounded by 60 inlaid wooden panels depicting different hunting scenes.  It used to be in the City Castle of Ehrenburg but removed from there and rebuilt in 19th century. Click here and scroll down to take a panoramic view of the beautiful room.

Don't miss out the Coburg sausage.   It's the longest I ever ate, 31cm long vs. Nürnberger 9cm. You can find it at the Market Square.  At time there was only one stall selling the sausage. Yum!  We shared one around noon time.   At the end of the day, we had one each.  But my friend lost his tooth when chewing the bread roll!