Ca' dell'Oreggia

Locals affectionately call it Ca'dell'Oreggia (Ear House i Milanese dialect).  Can you guess what it is? It is a doorbell-intercom created in 1930.  At time the intercom served to visitors to communicate with the guardian who then to announce the visit to the families who lived there. Today it does not function anymore but has become mysterious.  It is said that anyone who comes near his ear and whispers their dreams, they will come true one day.

The intercom was created by Adolfo Wildt, a sculptor specialising in auricles.  No one know how the designer of Sola-Busca house' designer, Aldo Andreani got the unusual idea.  But during the interwar years, it was a fashion of mixing different cultures and epochs. Architects liked to put all sorts of design and styles together. It is a time that strange figures started appearing on the city's facades. The influence of this fashion can be seen at a number of buildings in the neighbourhood.

Nearby is the  via Mozart, between it and via Corso Venezia includes numerous palaces and building of historical and artistic interest. Indeed, the area is one of the most beautiful and elegant place in Milan. An example here is Berri Meregalli Palace, constructed in early 20th century. It is located at Cappuccini Street 8, corner Vivaio Street.  The palace was designed by Arada.  The facade is an eclectic collection of Romanesque influences (stones, bricks, arches, loggias), Gothic and Renaissance elements. A sculpture 'winged victory' (also designed by Adolfo Wildt) is sitting at the end of the entrance.


Outlet Fashion - II Salvagente

Normally shopping is not in my travel programme with Mr. Dear. He does not like shopping.  And I never want to spend a big bill in Milan for clothing.   But this time, a cloudy day, Saturday afternoon. I went alone to a fashion outlet in town, il Salvagente.  My guide '111 Places in Milan that You Must See'  says it is near Porta Venezia.  But in the reality, it is just the nearest underground station.   It is far but once I am there, I thought it's worth while to shed off the calories by walking more than half hour from the fashion street of Via della Spiga.  My impression on this street: elegant and crazy.

It's out of curiosity to visit il Salvagente.  Is it good?  Is it worthwhile?  And to satisfy myself that I can find it.  The answers drove me to get to it.

Once I was away from the centre, the streets I passed by were quite empty. Walking endlessly I found the street.  Nobody!  Until I reached it, there were people queuing up to pay.  A good sign!  One corner collects the big brands. Since I was short of time, I did not manage to have a look.  I could only spare the time to look at the pullover/cardigan. I don't know most of the brands. They are not the top ones but quality is good.  I picked one pullover from iblues 50€, one beige cardigan and a short sleeve grey pullover.  Total is about 113€.  A good deal!  I am satisfied.  You could easily see others were satisfied too.

I was about an hour there and could not stay longer because I had to rush back to prepare bread and cook porcini bought in the morning.  My bread was sitting in the fridge for hours.  It needed to cool to the room temperature, shaped and raised, baked and waiting to get cool.   Luckily there was bus 60 to go to our place.  Nice dinner, after 8pm.

Via Fratelli Bronzetti 16, 20129 Milan

Mon 3pm-7pm; Tue to Sat 10am - 7pm
Sunday 11am - 14pm/ 15pm-19pm



Sadlerino is the sister of high end restaurant Sadler.   It is chic 'n quick.   My guide '111 Places in Milan that You Must See' names it a fast food trattoria.  But I rate it highly.  It is a decent restaurant with creative and nice food.  We visited Sadlerino at lunch.  It charged 21 Euro for two-course meal and a dessert (excluding drinks).  The food was superb.   I am sure you will pay the same price in the centre of Milan, for a plate of microwaved pasta and a mixed salad in any uninspired bar.  So, try Sadlerino.

Once inside Sadlerino, one feels comfortable and welcome.  White table cloth and innovative glasses, like a piece of cherry sitting at the bottom.

We were served with a basket of different bread, nicely baked.  Normally, nice bread tells that the food next will be fabulous.

I had a seafood soup served with millet.  Very nice.  The millet was filling at the end.  My friend's menu includes gnocci with butter and sage.   I was seduced and succumb, eating a few pieces. His main dish was rabbit served with potato. Tender and delicious!

He still had a apple strudel and mine was mojito sorbet. We were very satisfied and had a delightful walk along the canal and then visited the Mudec.

It was cloudy before we entered into Sadlerino.  Then there was bright sunshine.  So blessed!  Good food and the sun!

Via Ascanio Sforza 77, 20141 Milan
39 0289503222