From Dragon's Back to Tai Long Wan and Shek O

2 Feb 2014

It's the third day of the Chinese New Year.  The sun was high up.  We opt to hiking at the Dragon's Back on the Hong Kong Island, between Shau Kei Wan and Shek O.  To reach it, take bus no. 9 from Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus and get off at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road.  Cross the street.  You will see the signage of Dragon's Back. Distance is 8.5km up to Tai Long Wan.  Time 3 hours without rest.  Difficulty: 3 out of 5 stars.

The beginning of the path is mostly ascending.  Soon you will get a view of Stanley, Redhill Peninsula.  It is very beautiful.  Continue up and you will see Shek O.  It is gorgeous! Up to the peak is a pavillion.  There you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding. 


Tai Long Wan
The path close to Tai Long Wan is dotted with stores for drinks and instant noodle.  We had our drinks at a store facing the beach.  Another upward climb: go to the left side of the beach and ascend the path.  You will see a momument of rock carving, fantastic views of the beach and landscape.  It worths the effort though the climb seems endless.

Shek O
You can walk from Tai Long Wan to Shek O. Most of the path is shared by public transport.  Shek O Golf Club is along the way.  Have a glimpse of the rich's paradise.   Shek O is a peninsula.  Nice houses are around.  Walking till the end of the town is a beach.  Big waves there.  From there you can walk to the closest island through a bridge and go upward for a superb view of the surrondings.


To go back to the city, take bus no. 9 to Shau Kei Wan and go further with bus or underground.

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